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The project partnership involves 6 organisations with different background and expertise in the field of formal and non-formal adult education from across Europe. VsI Zmogiskuju istekliu stebesenos ir pletros biuras, an adult training and psychological service provider from Lithuania, are coordinating the project.


EGInA Srl is a private training agency and consultancy body based in Foligno (Umbria, Italy), operating in the field of EU projects and grants. The company has been founded by a team of project managers with long-term experience in the preparation, submission and implementation of project proposals, as well as in the coordination of international partnerships and the administrative and financial management of actions at local, national and EU level.

EGInA operates within a wide and consolidated network of public and private bodies, providing high-quality services and consultancy in different fields:

  • EU/International projects
  • Lifelong Learning and Higher Education
  • Research & Innovation
  • Transnational mobility

EGInA is committed to implement national and Eu projects of social innovation, with a special focus on on social and digital innovation and the promotion of the digital competence and entrepreneuship education.

Weener XL, Work & Income ( ‘s-Hertogenbosch-Netherlands)

Weener XL, Work & Income ( ‘s-Hertogenbosch-Netherlands) WeenerXL is a Work Development Organization of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and is a merger between the social workplace and the public social service that provides financial support (welfare payments) and helps people (ages 18 to 65 years) in finding work, solving their financial, social and personal issues and motivating them through social activation and social participation. WeenerXL also has in-house employment opportunities for disadvantaged and handicapped people. Its mission is Work or Participate to the best of someone’s capacity. There are about 2000 persons within the organization, among them S(ocial) W(orkshop) colleagues, persons working with wage subsidy in work-experience places and in Sheltered Employment. In addition, 550 persons participate as volunteer, informal care or as a way of daily activity. Further, we have 4000 persons depending on Social Welfare. For young unemployed people (aged 16 to 27 years) we have formed a team of dedicated, specialized work consultants/coaches. They help these unemployed youth clients finding work, getting back to school or coordinating other issues (health, family, financial and/or personal circumstances).

Weener XL provide next to internal services, trainings and trajectories also external and individual customized pathways for youngsters. They also work very close with special and vocational education to guide these youngsters to the labour market after finishing school. For these more vulnerable youngsters Weener XL uses not only job coaching and life coaching but also gives the entrepreneurs financial compensation in the form of wage subsidy. That is when the value of the wages for the employee’s own and adapted work is less than 100%. And in addition, a no-risk polis, that is to say a compensation, in case there is an absence or sickness of the employee.

Nikanor Ltd

Nikanor Ltd was established in 2002 as a private company working in the field of recruitment, adults training and human resources management and development. In 2003 it was licensed by NAVET as an adults vocational training center. In 2012 Nikanor Ltd also has a license for a Center for Information and Guidance (CIPO). It is also certified under quality management system ISO 9001:2000. From this year we’re a member of EfVET (one of the leading European-wide professional associations which has been created by, and for, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers.)

The company operates on the territory of entire Bulgaria and on international level, depending on the projects it has. It offers vocational trainings in 25 professions and 32 specialties, language courses and soft skill trainings. We continuously update our programmes and develop new training modules. Our focus is not only on course content but also on improving methodology and including modern pedagogical tools and methods. We offer classroom-based trainings, online trainings, blended learning, virtual classrooms, etc.

Our target groups are as young people, who we train and consult on professional orientation, career development and entrepreneurship, as well as vulnerable groups on the labour market, including unemployed people, marginalised groups, low-skilled and low-qualified people, economically disadvantaged people, etc.

Nikanor also offers informal and non-formal learning and aims to promote youth participation in social projects and programmes at local level (cultural integration, volunteering, entrepreneurship…). All our projects and initiatives aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying out projects and programmes that promote life-long learning and develop participants' communication, leadership and occupational skills.

Open Europe

The Association of Educational Services "OpenEurope" is a non‑for‑profit organisation with the main office in Reus (Catalonia, Spain). All projects and initiatives of our organisation aim at involving educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying on projects and programs that seek a life-long learning process. The educational programmes are designed to develop the participants' communication, leadership and employability skills.

It is the only qualified multiplier point of the European network Eurodesk in the province of Tarragona.

OpenEurope helps to involve all members of the community in the activities of these entities, especially those related to civil participation, immigration, and technology at the service of the people or Smart Cities.

OpenEurope offers training in different fields doing language courses, training on digital security, offering gastronomic, dancing, and personal growth workshops...It also has an Information and Communication Technologies department which creates all kinds of platforms and websites.

Usak University

University of Usak, founded in 2006, is a dynamic and fast growing state university that has 12 faculties, 3 colleges, 11 vocational schools, 3 graduate schools and 25 research application centres. The University offers to a diverse and capable students a wide range of opportunities and challenges for learning and growth; and demands in return considerable contributions to the world of knowledge, vigorous and expanding additives in research, discovery, and application. The graduate schools, known as “institutes”, offer postgraduate courses and degrees including doctorals in three main areas: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. Each institute coordinates the curricula for its respective departments. The University of Usak is ambitious in training entrepreneurial students who form their job by creating their own business. Usak University, with its academic units, teaching staff, number of students, physical capacity and scientific studies; with social, cultural and sports activities, is a university that stands out among the higher education institutions.

The University of Usak, which is one of the pioneers of the region with its vigorous academic staff and youtful students, have recently become a pilot university in the fields of leathermaking, textiles and ceramics within the framework of the mission differentiation and specialization aimed at regional development. The university has a reputation for high standards of education and research, the profile of which is determined by humanistic tradition of the university as well as openness to the needs of today’s world.

1 Eylul Campus of the University of Usak is 7 km far from the city center. At present, of a total enrollment of some 33,128 students, of which 3072 is of international students. Our international students play a fundamental role in the intellectual and cultural life of our campus. Since its foundation, the University of Usak has considerably accelerated its efforts in terms of establishing strong international relations with universities and organisations in other countries on scientific, academic, social, and cultural levels. All necessary steps have been eagerly taken to participate in the EU Education Programmes and related activities that are believed to present great importance towards the strategic development of the University. The students attending to the university have opportunities of self- development in various fields involving many facilities. Various courses, study groups, exhibitions, plays, performances and choirs are organized in many activity fields such as painting, photography, handcrafts, music, folk dances, modern dances and theater that allow students to make artistic and cultural contributions in accordance with their interests and abilities. It is also possible for these groups and choirs to participate in various events such as concerts, performances and exhibitions in and out of the university and the country.

The University of Usak is a reputable state university with its relatively young and dynamic academic staff. Currently, there are 701 academic staff and 330 administrative staff working for the university. The academic staff is working both in lecturing and researching fields. The Usak University forms part of a bonded town - university community with the growing agricultural-commercial-industrial province of Usak. Located in the western part of Usak; it is served by Ankara - İzmir motorway. Away from city complexities, the students enjoy many intellectual, cultural, and recreational advantages.

VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras

VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras is an NGO working since 2010.

The services are provided for different target groups: victims of violence, (ex) offenders, social risk families, youth, volunteers, social workers, social partners, disabled people, etc. Provided services include:

  • development and implementation of local and international projects mostly with socially excluded target groups;
  • development and accreditation of training programs for perpetrators, post-graduated social workers, social workers assistants, nurses, manages, employers, volunteers, etc.
  • organization, execution and implementation of various social initiatives and activities, conferences, “round table” meetings etc. mainly in the field of working with victims of violence and perpetrators, HR management, inclusion of socially disadvantaged, vulnerable groups (e.g. victims, elderly, unemployed, disabled, etc.);
  • provision of research, information, counselling (advice), external evaluation services;
  • translation, interpretation services;

ZISPB has more than 20 training programmes for competence development of social workers, psychologists, adult trainers and educators (the list may be found here ).

We have also prepared many tools to be used by adult trainers with different target groups -“Communicating through the Arts: A Toolkit”, “Handbook with Tools for Adult Educators on Emotional Management”, etc.

ZISPB is actively involved in ERASMUS+, NORDPLUS Adult, EEA grants as well as national programmes.