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The Erasmus+ project “Applying Arts for Education, Creativity and Innovativeness” seeks to encourage creative use of literature and fine arts into non-formal and informal adult education. It also aims at equipping adult educators and training professionals with hands-on methodology and tools how to apply arts into the educational process.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop a methodology and a ToT handbook for creative use of arts in non- formal and informal adult education
  • Improve competences and knowledge of adult trainers, educators, human resources professionals, entrepreneurs and adult learners in general how to use arts to provoke creativity and innovativeness
  • Enhance abilities of training professionals and adult learners to boost emotional intelligence in everyday business solutions and decision making
  • Create a non-formal network of professionals in the field of non-formal and informal education to enhance international support and exchange of experience and lessons learned in the field
  • Promote cross-sector and transnational cooperation between partner countries, educational and training centres from formal, non-formal and informal education.

The direct target group are educators (teachers, trainers), tutors, who work in the field of formal, non-formal and informal adult education, HR professionals, coaches and mentors, and formal and non-formal training providers. The project will also support adult learners who want to start a career in a different domain or pursue a new business endeavour.